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The search for your purpose machine is almost at an end.

We’ll take care of supplier selection quickly and easily.


How machines come about from our customers’ requirements

You need a special machine? You would like to redesign your production? mworks supports you in analyzing and planning your production processes, designs the perfect machine for you and finds the right machine builder quickly and easily.


  • Capture and analyze your individual task

  • Creating a professional specification

  • Create and discuss the solution proposals

  • Locate and select a mechanical engineering company

  • Quotation and evaluation

  • Assistance in contract design

  • Project management up to the final acceptance

It's worth trying out!

No matter which special machine you need: In all probability, a machine with a similar function has already been built and can therefore be rebuilt cost-effectively. We will find this machine for you (in germany or USA) and help you to get a favorable offer.


You save time and costs for researching suitable mechanical engineering companies

You increase productivity and profitability by automating your production

They are supervised by competent and experienced graduate engineers

You will receive a professional specifications for your project

The evaluation of the offers is neutral and objective

You can make a well-founded award decision - without your own expertise

By working with mworks ...


... you can easily and simply reach your production goals.

... prepare yourself well for the future and the growing challenges.

... you have the edge in the competition.

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