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From the basement startup to our own technical center.

Since 2011, there is only one direction for mworks: upwards.


Our first find? A business idea.

Our first find? A business idea. “There at the door stood a customer with a concrete order. And I had to send him away”, remembers Lars Kobialka, founder of mworks, at the moment when he had the idea for his company: a specialist machine finder for industry and SME. Together with the experienced digital entrepreneur Sebastian Dröber, he founded mworks in 2011 in his cellar at home. From the classic start-up, a successful business developed within the shortest time in Uetersen, and now has 17 members of staff. Most recent milestone: In September 2017, we were awarded as "Finalist" at the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes", an important economic award in germany for the middle class.

Milestones in our development

MARCH 2011

mworks is founded by Lars Kobialka and Sebastian Dröber in the cellar of Hochfeldstr. 31

JUNE 2011

We win our first industrial group as a customer – Siemens in Erfurt (flange material machines, rotor washing area)


First contact with the automobile industry (Audi Ingolstadt, seat conveyor system)


The Industry Services division is created.


Industry Services is commissioned with its first major project by VW.

MAY 2012

The first employee is hired (Carsten Pohl, today head of Industry Services).


We move out of the cellar... and into Kleinen Sand 23.

END of 2012

With Tanja Nordhausen-Roggenkamp, we employ our first commercial staff; 2 further technicians are already part of the team.

MARCH 2013

The first design engineer is employed.

MAY 2013

First contact with BASF: a project manager calls us and our first project in the chemicals industry gets under way.


We set up the technical lab.


Susanne Dröber starts to professionalise our marketing, press work and employee development; mworks now has 8 employees.

JULY 2015

We rent an additional large hall inside the building (Plant 1).

Januar 2016

1st nomination for the “Grand Prix of SME”

APRIL 2016

With Jennifer Lötje, we employee the first full-time member of commercial staff; mworks now has 16 employees.

MAY 2016

mworks has now successfully implemented 50 projects

JUNE 2016

We lease a second hall across the way (Plant 2).

JULY 2016

Certification in ISO 9001 and the SCC.


mworks is nominated for the “Grand Prix of SME” for the 2nd time in a row


mworks GmbH takes over Metall aus Appen Betriebs GmbH

APRIL 2017

Nils Hinsch is employed as the first full-time sales assistant.

JUNE 2017

mworks appeared for the first time as an exhibitor at a trade show


We will be awarded as a finalist at the Grand Prix of the middle class


The Minister of Economics, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism from Schleswig-Holstein Bernd Buchholz is visiting us


The new office in Erfurt (Thuringia, Germany) is opened.


Lars Kobialka becomes the sole managing director of mworks GmbH

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