It all begins with a call. And ends with your seamless production.

Take advantage of our free-of-charge advice, and the first step to your dream machine has already been taken.


Use our inquiry form and briefly describe your plans and your needs. We will contact you and together we will determine the exact requirements for your new production. Together with you we analyze possible solutions and create a professional specifications, which serves as a basis for offers of suitable mechanical engineers.

Then we will contact you for machine builders - both in germany or USA - who meet the requirements of your production line. The machine builders receive your specifications and make offers. These are evaluated and compared by us. You receive the results of the evaluation in a clear presentation and can thus make an informed decision about who should build your machine.

On request, we can help you with the contract design, the design of your machine or take over the entire project management for you.

This is how you get your "dream machine" quickly and easily!

The three steps to success: analysis, solution, implementation.

mworks - the machine finder finds the optimal machine for your needs and procures it for you at the best possible price.


In the first step, we’ll analyse your specific requirements. How should the machine perform? Under what conditions will it be used? What goals do you want to achieve with the machine? The more information we have from you, the better we can draw up the specification sheet for your machine. And we know what questions we need to ask. Together with the specifications sheet, you will receive, on request, a detailed cost-benefit analysis. This way, you can clearly see when you new acquisition will bring in the first returns.


We research existing technologies. In this, we not only have an overview of products that are currently on the market, we also search purposefully for new solutions for your problem. The mworks engineers put the final touches to your new machine. Together with you, we develop completely new solutions if necessary and test them in our own technical laboratory.


You have ordered your new machine with our assistance. We won’t abandon you now: mworks is happy to accompany you through the final acceptance and commissioning. Our Industry Services ensures that production gets off to a smooth start. Even afterwards, we’re always here to take your questions.


More than just machine finders: We accompany you through purpose mechanical engineering as an overall process.

When you work together with mworks, you have a competent partner who will be at your side from the beginning of your search for a machine, through to the start of production. The expertise in purpose mechanical engineering and project management that we have gained over many years enables us to handle your order quickly and affordably. We have a unique overview of the market like no other service provider. As a result, we find existing solutions that we combine as to meet your needs perfectly. And this is usually cheaper than a new-build.

Expertise: We have a team of experienced and highly-trained experts from various disciplines.
Market overview: We know the right suppliers and their leeway in negotiations.
Technical lab: We put every solution through its paces before it is deployed by you.
All-round service: We accompany you from the needs analysis up to the final acceptance.