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Kaizen, Six Sigma oder gleich eine mworks Analyse?

Machen Sie Ihre Produktion fit für die Zukunft


Towards lean production in 3D.

Ultimately, many factors that today produce decisive advantages weren’t even imaginable in the original planning of your factory. Just as the mworks experts optimise individual machines, we also have an eye for production optimisation. A starting point for the optimisation of production is for us the three-tier value stream method: value stream analysis, value stream design and value stream planning.

Once you’ve given us the green light, we take inventory at your site and carry out meticulous production controlling. We identify the status quo of your logistics planning, production processes and production planning, and document these in a schematic overview. Even in 3D, where required.


In doing so, we don’t leave out your shop, floor and supply chain management, and collecting customer opinions is no less essential. Proceeding from the current state of your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), we agree the goals of the upcoming optimisation measures with you. Using our engineering expertise, we can gauge which production optimisation expectations are realistic.

The competition doesn’t sleep. Only an optimally functioning production guarantees you sustainable market benefits and ensures that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Production in industry is subject to on-going change. It’s not without reason that the optimisation of the production system at global players such as Toyota is a never-ending process.


Even complex measures such as the introduction of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) can be relatively cost-neutral in their implementation. As soon as you know how you want to proceed, our engineers will draw up a functional production layout for you as part of the detailed planning. If this step requires industrial engineering, we have the necessary capacity. 

Always one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to our process optimisation, added value, too, will be back on track again.

You’ll receive a detailed return-on-investment analysis from us for the redesign of your production environment. This provides you with a clear basis for argumentation as the decision-maker.

Generally, your production system will have various optimisation scenarios. Could set-up times and lead times be improved?  Does delivery capacity depend on a flexible handling of the order sequence? Do you require an Industry 4.0 update? Using factory layouts prepared by us, we’ll show you exactly what you could achieve in your factory, in what time and with which investments. This way, you’ll have a solid basis for your decisions.


Not every improvement requires a huge financial investment. Minor interventions in production management or the production landscapes can sometimes have extraordinary results. Smart time management in production and logistics can be crucial to your profitability. Equally, set-up time optimisation can result in faster processing of manufacturing orders.

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