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Why build a new machine if it already exists?

We know who will construct your machine at the best price.
Because we combine the right solutions.


Your machine is out there. We know where. 

We at mworks, the machine finders, know that purpose machines or at least components of these already exist to meet the greater part of your needs. Our strength lies in finding these ready-made solutions and implementing them, or in combining these into a new machine to fulfil your requirements. This means you save on needing a design office, and the machine you want will be with you all the faster. In the event that the market can't provide a satisfactory solution for your needs, you can count on the creativity of our engineering team. Thanks to decades of experience in purpose machine design, no challenge is too great for us.

Why waste precious resources looking for a new machine solution for every production problem?


mworks’ success is founded on many years of networking in the mechanical engineering sector. The contacts we have formed allow us a unique knowledge of the market both in Germany and in the USA. In addition, our team includes highly-motivated and highly-trained engineers, upon whose collective expert knowledge you can call anytime.


Comprehensive market overview and extensive contact network both in Germany and in the USA


Excellent specialist knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience in purpose machine engineering.


Open to all tasks and creative problem-solving

Excellent quality management. Certified, of course.

In the same month, mworks’ quality management was also certified in accordance with ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is the most globally recognised standard in quality management and forms the basis for a continuous improvement process. The implementation of this entitlement is a constant component of our daily work.

Exemplary occupational safety – even in large industrial projects.

The good management of occupational safety, health and environmental protection is a fundamental part for many of our projects. For this reason, mworks received the greater SCC Certificate (SCCP) in July 2016 and is thus qualified to work in large-scale industry, e.g. in the chemical and petrochemical fields.

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