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The right procurement strategy?

You can rely on mworks.


We are your purchasing experts for purpose machine engineering.

Once we have created a specification sheet together with you and all essential specifications have been determined, mworks coordinates the next step for you: the successful procurement of the machine. This way, we can relieve the burden on your materials management and support your purchasing department.

At mworks, we follow our own tried and tested purchasing strategy when it comes to sourcing: We come up with a pre-selection of suitable engineering companies based on our market expertise and submit your requirements to these.

In doing so, we focus both on leading local suppliers and on offers on further global markets. Once we have several offers on the table, our procurement experts inspect each of them thoroughly. This spares you any unpleasant surprises after the contract has been awarded.


You will then receive from us a comprehensive and transparent evaluation of the offers, in which we make cost-benefit aspects and quality criteria clear. We clarify all outstanding issues in the dialogue with you and give you a recommendation for purchase.

In purpose machinery, unlike standard machines, it is not unusual that your custom solution is not manufactured by one single mechanical engineering company. In this case, we undertake the entire supply chain and risk management: mworks coordinates the manufacturers for the individual components and ensures smooth logistics within the supply chain.


Especially in cases where highly-complex global sourcing is necessary for the procurement of your purpose machine, or the value of individual components cannot be estimated precisely due to fluctuating raw materials prices, you’ll be glad to have our experts handle the purchasing on your behalf.


And one that always works: You make us your purchasing manager for purpose machinery.


Now it’s up to you. You can engage the selected mechanical engineering supplier yourself and simply have to wait for the machine to be delivered. If you lack capacity, we’re happy to support your procurement manager in the contract negotiations and the entire purchasing process.


Thanks to our precise market knowledge, we can achieve the optimal price for you or have extra services included in the offer. Decisive advantages that make the purchase of your purpose machinery even more acceptable to your group executives.

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