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Purpose machine engineering is a complex project.

That’s why we manage it for you.


Purpose machine and machine engineering – lift the burden from your team and let the experts do the planning.

In every case, the search for a purpose machine is a complex project in which the most varying of interests must be weighed against each other. To relieve you of the burden, mworks takes over the entire management of the purpose machine engineering project for you. As project manager, we’ll look for the right machine for you, coordinate purchasing and accompany you through the final acceptance with our Industry Services team. In the event that we have to plan and construct your machine ourselves as a prototype, our purpose machine engineering services include in addition the entire process from engineering to assembly.

The search for purpose machinery can be based on the most different of motivations. Whereas in some cases the search is simply for an automation solution for a specific application process, in other situations the restructuring of entire production facilities with the help of new technology is required. Automation can often result in the elimination of manual labour, for example. This entails a whole new planning scenario for your production.

To ensure that your new machines are integrated optimally into production, we’ll also assist you with the layout planning. After all, the individual production segments must be arranged in such a way that the materials to be processed move from one facility to the next without great loss of time.

When it comes to new development, we always keep one eye on available solutions from the machine and plant engineering sector, and allow ourselves to be inspired by the various, already existing technologies to produce the most suitable facilities for you. In order to test the capacity of the construction in advance, we undertake tests in accordance with the finite element method (FEM).

Controlling without reservations. Coordination without alignment losses.

Our experienced team will also take over project planning and management for you in other types of projects, too. One possible field of application is part-management in mechanical engineering or jig manufacturing. In order to improve your business efficiency, we eliminate small-batch production or we standardise components.


This way, we reduce costs in product development, manufacturing and purchasing. The creation of process models for planning optimisation measures would also be a conceivable project task. We accompany all client projects with tried and tested project management methods to achieve results quickly and efficiently. Comprehensive interface coordination reduces alignment losses caused by poor communication between different business units.


As external consultants, we undertake a helpful, neutral mediation position. Our engineers can thus act freely and impartially even in project controlling, ensuring the best possible results for you.

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